Why Medical Records Management Is Essential for Healthcare Providers

Aug 2021
Why Medical Records Management Is Essential for Healthcare Providers

In the past, managing medical records was straightforward, with patient details being recorded on paper charts accumulated over time then stored in filing cabinets. Though the times have changed,  in many ways these antiquated practices have somehow survived, despite being ineffecient With medical practices and technology rapidly evolving, the management of medical records has also evolved.  There is need to manage and maintain even more patient information than before,  since medical centers have made the shift towards the use of EMR systems .Medical professionals are responsible for adequately protecting patient information and managing records. Negligence in doing so can result in data breaches or errors, which could lead to expensive fines.

How Is Your Medical Center Managing High-volume Patient Data?

Is your hospital facing problems like missed diagnoses, medication errors or treatment lapses? Poor management of medical records can lead to lapses in care which in some cases can also lead to expensive lawsuits and fines. This is where outsourcing medical records organization can assist your healthcare center. From helping your nursing home comply with the policies and principles of medical records management to helping you maintain compliance in the protection of PHI, outsourcing medical records management can help your clinic in more than one way. Let’s find out how your medical facility can benefit from medical records management services.

  • Systematic record keeping: With medical records management, record keeping is simplified. All your patient records will be classified and organized by patient name. Your hospital will be able to quickly access any patient record by carrying out a simple search.
  • Centralization of records: All patient records, such as test results, billing summaries, prescriptions or data cards of patients will be kept at one central location. All of these records can be combined to create a central patient record. This would make it easy for your clinic or care facility to access patient information quickly and effortlessly.
  • Access to medical chronologies: Your medical facility can get access to concise, factual and informative summaries of your patient medical treatment.  Going though medical chronologies can be relatively easy and less time consuming as compared to sifting through huge volumes of poorly organized medical records.
  • Use medical summaries: Medical records management can give you access to medical record summaries that will provide information on the various medical encounters of a patient, giving you a concise view of the who, what, when, where information about the patient and medical treatment.
  • Classification of records: Depending on the need of your hospital, your records can be classified on the macro or granular level. Such classification creates an efficient index, which can be used to quickly search and retrieve the required medical records.
  • Easy sharing of records: With medical records management services, you can easily share patient records with patients or external parties like TPA, insurance companies or attorneys.  Not only can this feature help your facility save on paper and time, it can also help your physicians to effortlessly email, print or download patient records.
  • Increase in productivity: Your physicians can quickly locate patient records right from their desk, instead of sifting through a pile of physical records, thereby freeing up time to focus more on proving better healthcare.
  • Data security: Patient data can be kept secure as with medical records management services, sensitive data can be shared only with users authorized by the hospital.
  • Data portability: Medical records can now be easily transferred at the click of a button. This portability of digital records is proving to be a boon especially during the current pandemic, as it facilitates remote work.

From the moment your hospital creates a patient record, we will ensure that it is appropriately stored, secured and maintained. 247Digitize is a leading provider of medical records management services and offers end-to-end medical records management for small, mid-size and large hospitals. We can assure you of fast processing of medical records and better maintenance of patient files, along with stringent adherence to HIPAA guidelines. With all your medical records centralized in a single location, you can access patient data securely at anytime and from anywhere.

Do you want to take the next step and start outsourcing medical records management services? Do you have more questions about how outsourcing medical records management? Let us know by contacting us and we will give your hospital a sure advantage!