Data Capture

Data Entry

We take written and image-based information from forms, applications, or other company files and enter the information into computer system databases,
or applications for business use.​

Online Data Entry

Online data entry means it’s done on any cloud or internet-based system. Some of the benefits are:
  • The data stays within your control, in your system
  • See progress in real time and collaborate with your team
  • No need constantly to import or export data
Online Data Entry
Offline Data Entry

Offline Data Entry

Relied on heavily by paper and image-dependent businesses such as hospitals, insurance carriers, collection agencies, utility providers and others. Some of the benefits are:
  • Convenient and secure upload and download of data
  • Deliverables custom formatted for seamless integration
  • Rolling deliveries readily facilitated

Commonly Entered Data

  • Time cards and payroll reports
  • Invoices and sales orders
  • Product and safety inspection reports
  • Shipping records
  • Bank and financial statements
  • Class action claims
Commonly Entered Data

Backfile Conversion

We digitize, index, and archive scanned documents to make them searchable and scannable. Reducing the need for physical storage is a great plus.​


  • Instant access and sharing of coverted files
  • Reduced paper and costs of traditional filing
  • Reduced occupied physical (office) space
  • Job applications and resumes
  • Long term solution for document storage and retention
  • Higher efficiency with access to highly organized data
Converted Files

Commonly Converted Files

  • Invoices, sales and purchase orders
  • Employee payroll reports and time sheets
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Application and registration forms
  • Job applications and resumes
  • Checks and receipts
  • Shipping records & bills of lading

Data Abstraction

We distill lengthy documentation to key points from relevant references while keeping all important information intact. We deliver concise results in your preferred format enabling rapid reference.​

Documents We Abstract

  • Medical records
  • Insurance documents
  • Leases
  • Deeds
  • SOWs and MSAs
Data Capture

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