Contract Lifecycle

Our Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions encompass a range of services

In this era of globalization, In-house counsel and corporate departments are under pressure like never before in managing contracts due to increasing complexities in business, and the need to streamline processes.

We provide an effective Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) service that automates and simplifies the workflow for any organization looking to optimize its contract management framework and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

With 247Digitize’s customized CLM services, organizations can automate many of the processes, reducing time, cost and effort required to manage contracts. This includes features like creating contract templates, processing electronic signatures, customizing workflows, enabling alerts, notifications, and centralized contract repositories.


We help our clients in attaining their objectives of:

  • Enforcing compliance by conducting audit trails
  • Managing obligations
  • Tracking/Locating Contracts
  • Reducing contract risk and litigations
  • Leveraging business-specific critical information
  • Enhancing business performance by using analytics
  • Customisations of the contracts
  • Contract Abstraction
  • Creating a Contract database and maintaining the repository

Why 247Digitize?

  • Quality & Accuracy: At 247Digitize, we believe that quality is at the heart of the trust and peace of mind we build with our clients. Our robust multitiered QC workflows guarantee the precision this work demands.
  • Data Security: Vigilance is an absolute must. 247Digitize has achieved the highest level of cyber security standards and is dedicated to keeping your data safe. Our facilities are ISO certified; HIPAA &GDPR compliant.
  • High-Performance Professionals: Customer satisfaction is the fuel that drives our experienced team in every project we take on.
  • Scalable Solutions: 247Digitize can quickly add manpower to augment in-house review capabilities or take it to an end without long-term investment in infrastructure.
  • Clear & Predictable Costs: The cost savings you would expect from an offshore provider with transparent and flexible models to suit your needs.

Our range of services includes:

  • Consolidation/Organization of contracts to one central repository
  • Abstraction of key terms/clauses
  • Organizational risk assessment
  • Contract Review – Report preparation & review subsets of contracts
  • Obligation Tracking
  • Redlining of Contracts

Focus Areas:

Risk & Compliance:

  • Identify & mitigate risk for contracts by tracking underlying obligations.
  • Review agreements to assess compliance with the terms & conditions.
  • Provide concise summaries of lengthy contracts to speed up the retrieval of key items.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

  • Identification of contract population from the Data Room
  • Report generation for assigned & terminated contracts.
  • Identification of contracts that are pending negotiation or renewal.

Interested in our Contract Lifecycle Management Services?

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