How do you justify outsourcing legal support for your law firm, insurance agency, or various other companies across different industries? It’s all about the time and resources you save, the high quality of service you can preserve, and the opportunity for your internal team to focus on core legal responsibilities. 247Digitize understands the complexities and demands of the legal industry. Our comprehensive Legal Support Services have been proven to streamline workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

According to a recent survey, two-thirds of businesses cite cost savings as the primary advantage of outsourcing. Case in point, 247Digitize was able to save one client close to $500,000 by reviewing and delivering legal data six months ahead of schedule. In another case success, the 247Digitize team was also able to improve the quality of information sourced while also completing their project several weeks early. Learn firsthand how 247Digitize can help your legal practice reduce costs while still maintaining a high quality of service.

Legal Support Services Offered By 247Digitize

Contract Lifecycle Management

As an ISO-certified organization, we assist businesses in addition to legal, across various sectors like Healthcare, Information Technology, Real Estate, and Finance with Contract Lifecycle Management. This includes building, reviewing, and managing the contract lifecycle framework crucial to securing and managing clients’ interests.
Contract Lifecycle Management
managed document review

Managed Document Review

Our Managed Document Review service ensures meticulous scrutiny and analysis of your legal documents via our strategic approach. This ensures improvement of resource management, cost savings, intelligent decision-making, and quality control. Our team of experts can minimize the risk of oversight while optimizing the review process. If you’re dealing with volumes of documents for a case, 247Digitize is trained to help you accurately review and organize your documents, while also honoring your important deadlines.

Bibliographic Coding

Our Bibliographic Coding service ensures that each document is appropriately classified, allowing for quick and efficient retrieval during legal proceedings. Our team can read through each of your documents and retrieve relevant information such as key terms, names, and organizations. We can also create a subjective title or a comprehensive summary based on your criteria.
Bibliographic Coding


Unitization involves converting physical documents into organized digital units, streamlining data management and reducing the risk of data loss. Our experts break down large documents into logical parts to make context and relevant information readily available to you.

Data Conversion

Whether you need incoming data processed for an efficient review, or in preparation for production to the other side, 247Digitize has a full complement of data conversion services to handle your most difficult assignments.
data conversion

At 247Digitize, we pride ourselves on providing your legal practice the support you need to thrive in an increasingly digital world. With our Legal Support Services, you can confidently navigate the complexities of legal documentation, gain a competitive edge, and provide superior services to your clients. Partner with 247Digitize and unlock the true potential of your legal practice!

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