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Since 2006, 247Digitize has been providing seamless back office support
for Accounts Payable departments. Here’s how we can help.

Data Entry

Still the gold standard but we do it all for you! Backed by a multi-tiered 100% QC & QA protocol, 247Digitize can capture every data point you deem relevant either offline or directly in your AP management platform.

Invoice Validation

AI & OCR capture is less than 70% accurate which leads to costly errors. 247Digitize provides 100% verification of automated extraction results to guaranteed precise payments.

Foreign Language Support

Commerce is global and the need for accuracy knows no borders. 247Digitize leverages proprietary software to translate and extract key components of bills from international suppliers.

Mailbox Handling

Invoices arrive in an array of formats often incompatible with your AP system. 247Digitize will monitor your AP inbox and ready incoming bills for integration with your systems.

Purchase Order Matching

247Digitize can fully reconcile Purchase Orders and associated invoices to ensure efficient vendor payments, cost accounting, and detection of unsubstantiated fees.

Archive Invoice Conversion

If you have recently implemented an automated solution, 247Digitize can convert images of old invoices to create a customized database for import into your platform.


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247Digitize can sync processes with any AP Management software or workflow.

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Success Stories

Efficient And Cost-Effective Accounts Payable Processing


The client needed support for their high volume accounts including major banking institutions in the United Kingdom. The processing window specified by their key clients, required invoices uploaded from 05:00 PM through 02:00 AM, to be completed by the following morning for integration into their online platform.


  • 2.1 million invoices processed
  • 400% increase in daily volumes over the term of engagement
  • All invoices are processed within 12 -24 hours of receipt
  • 25,000 data points indexed over the night achieving >99% accuracy
  • Estimated annual savings of over $120,000

Foreign Language Data Capture


24-hour monitoring of an incoming invoice queue and labor-intensive conversion and translation services for international receipts. Incoming invoices are uploaded by employees to an online platform where they are batched and prioritized between those requiring 8-hour processing and rush submissions to be completed within 2 hours. The second piece required a multi-faceted approach to successfully convert images of receipts into a format for expense tracking and expedited payment by the client.


  • Over 1,000,000 foreign language invoices indexed to date
  • Over 33,000 foreign language receipts translated to date
  • 400% increase in projected volume from inception
  • Estimated average savings of $125,000 per annum for both the projects


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