Data Conversion

In the legal vertical, data can come to you from every direction in every conceivable format. Whether you need incoming data processed for an efficient review, or in preparation for production to the other side, 247Digitize has a full complement of data conversion services to handle your most difficult assignments. Our Data Conversion services are tailored to tackle messy data that could otherwise take valuable time and resources to unravel. 247Digitize is more than just Legal Coding and LDD.

Image Review & Redaction

Don’t waste time preparing confidential information for production
when we can do it for you. Our team will perform a thorough page
by page review to identify and redact confidential information
including PII, PHI or bank details and more. Our facilities are
ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant ensuring the highest
level of security for your most sensitive work product.

Bates Capture & Endorsement

Need to know identify gaps, duplication or other anomalies
in productions? We can review thousands of pages daily to
record inconsistencies and report results. We can also apply
bates and/or confidentiality endorsements as well as custom
exhibit stamps to adhere to court specifications.

PDF Hyperlinking & Bookmarking

PDF files are the preferred format for many to review large amounts
of information, but they can be cumbersome to navigate to key
data quickly. Have your PDF files optimized with bookmarks and hyperlinks including briefs and citations.

Foreign Language Conversion & Translation

Our proprietary Machine Translation software can convert up to 100,000 pages of foreign language documents per day. We offer competitive pricing per page that will save you thousands of dollars, ensuring high-quality translations.

Interested in our Data Conversion services?

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