Data Management

At 247Digitize, we specialize in providing solutions to
harness the power of otherwise unmanageable data,
putting information to work for you.

Data Capture

Our data capture process starts with a thorough assessment of source data to determine information configurations, content features and anomalies for special consideration.

Data Entry

Backfile Conversion

Data Abstraction

Data Processing

Your data is interpreted and translated into usable information for your company. We don’t leave any space for errors, that’s why your data will be processed thoroughly by data professionals using the right tools and processes.

Data Cleansing

Data Enrichment

Web Scraping

Foreign Language OCR &
Machine Translation

Why Outsource Data Management


Having 247Digitize manage data will
allow you to focus your key resources
on more productive activities.

Data Quality

Don’t risk working with inaccurate
data. Our trained experts and
processes allow us to provide precise,
error-free data.

Better Insights

As a result of our meticulous data
management services, you will gain
actionable insights that will help you
make decisions more confidently.

Some Of the Data We Manage

  • Product descriptions
  • Product images
  • Product taxonomy
  • Competitor data
  • Property documents
  • Legal documents
  • Insurance and tax data
  • Appraisal data


  • Hospital records
  • Patient history
  • Accident statements
  • Medical claims

General Business

  • Invoices, bills and vouchers
  • Feedback forms and surveys
  • Time cards
  • Shipping and logistics documents

Interested in our Data Management Services?

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“We consider ‘quality data capture’ a core component of our business. We rely on 247Digitize to produce those quality results. During our last audit, we were forced to measure the accuracy of the 247Digitize capture process and the conclusion was 99.998667% accuracy”


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