Managed Document

We review your documents, so you don't have to

Our experienced professionals have years of expertise supporting document review services for complex & large-scale litigations and investigations such as second requests and other antitrust matters, multi-jurisdictional investigations, and class actions. We have the manpower and expertise to review massive amounts of data and meet the most stringent discovery deadlines.

At 247Digitize our capabilities are not just limited to basic first-pass reviews. We provide a multitude of advanced solutions integral to a successful review, such as:

  • End-to-end project management
  • Analytics Support, such as concept searches, search term analysis, etc.
  • Implementation & Execution of Technology Assisted Review (TAR) workflows
  • Complex Issue Coding
  • Data Privacy Review (PII/PHI)
  • PID/Hot Review
  • Audio/IM/Chat Review
  • Multi-Language Review
  • Privilege Review & Privilege Log Creation
  • Redaction Services
  • Second Request Support
  • Production Support
  • Depositions and Chronology
Managed Document Review Services
Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

  • Able to leverage review advanced platform features
  • Management of user accounts/ permission issues
  • Designing review coding layouts
  • Conducting Review platform training
  • Use of predictive coding
  • Use of Email threading
  • Metadata Analysis
  • Use of Hash Value for Internal & Client Analysis
  • Use of Conceptual Searches to enhance the Quality

Our Approach

247Digitize uses a strategic approach for document review which improves resource management, cost saving, intelligent decision-making, quality control & building defensibility for the clients.
  • Database Analysis
  • Document Prioritization
  • Intelligent Batching & Document Review
  • Quality Control
  • Collaborative Calibration Methodology
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Rolling Deliverable
  • Production Support

We keep our client engaged throughout the review process by following some best practices:

  • Daily Review Status Updates
  • Weekly Calls
  • Escalation of substantive queries in real time

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