LDD & Coding of Vast Environmental Cases

Dec 2021
LDD & Coding of Vast Environmental Cases

247Digitize was engaged by an AmLaw100 firm to perform unitization and coding services on two sprawling collections of records related to ongoing litigation in separate jurisdictions.  The client required a partner with the capability of juggling multiple large projects.  Further, they needed the work performed quickly, allowing their attorneys to review and produce the collections effectively and in accordance with their discovery deadline.

About our Client: The client is a world-recognized law firm with a strong market hold in matters concerning tax, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, health care, and other key areas of regulatory law. With a comprehensive service portfolio and strategic offices around the globe, our client emphasizes and fosters long-term relationships with multinational companies, entrepreneurial firms and investors alike. They were seeking a robust partner to perform manual unitization and date coding services on a large collection of environmental records.

By the Numbers …..

Project 1

  • Phase 1 ~4,900,000 images to be processed within a span of 12 week
  • Phase 2 ~2,400,000 images to be processed in a moderate span of 15 week

Project 2 –

  • ~1,685,000 images processed within 8 weeks of receipt
  • 70 dedicated resources hired and trained specifically for the project
  • Over 1,600,000 logical boundaries detected and inserted in the final deliverable between both projects
  • ~400,000 documents of image and native file types coded for objective and subjective fields


Challenge: The client approached 247Digitize in September of 2018 with a requirement to perform unitization and coding on nearly 9 million images of environmental records in multiple phases. The first larger collection prior to logical unitization was virtually inconceivable to review “as is” since it consisted of only 12,278 records, a page to document ratio of 400 to 1!  The second collection was no better off with inconsistent boundaries and no metadata vital to case preparation. Due to the historical nature of the collections and poor image quality, it was impossible for a technology based capture solution to be employed. Moreover, the discovery deadline required that the image collection be review ready before the end of the year for the client to be in compliance.

Solution:  Guaranteeing the overall consistency of the final deliverable over such a large collection would be imperative to the success of the project as a whole.  A preliminary questionnaire tailored to the specific requirements of the subject matter was issued to the client.  Based on their feedback, pilot data was processed by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) confirming that our deliverable would be in alignment with the client’s expectations.  Upon final approval of the pilot, the SME team assembled and trained a group of 70 experienced individuals that would be dedicated exclusively to the 2 projects thereby ensuring a uniform output across both collections.  These individuals were cross-trained as well so that resources could be shifted on demand when one of the matters became a higher priority.

Results:  Through constant consultation with the client, 247Digitize was able to provide timely deliveries allowing each of the review teams to work uninterrupted throughout the entire period of completion.  Changes in priority were readily facilitated by 247Digitize ensuring that the most critical pieces of the collections were prepared for review first.  At Project 1’s end, 316,380 boundaries were established, 25 times higher than the raw data received.  Project 2 and 3 were completed with a full complement of key metadata including subjective descriptions of documents which would have been otherwise unsearchable. For both projects, rolling deliveries were consistently dispatched ahead of schedule and final deliveries made weeks early, allowing the review team extra time to complete their work before the holidays.  247Digitize received rave reviews from the client for executing both projects on time and under budget.

With over a decade of experience in comprehensive litigation outsourcing services, we have been helping the legal community and international corporations concentrate on strategic challenges and streamline their operations.  As the largest provider of our kind (over 500 employees strong!), only 247Digitize can offer scalable solutions capable of handling multiple immense projects concurrently.