Quality Auditor - Partner Management Team

Job Location: Chennai, Bangalore (India)


247Digitize is currently seeking a Client Support Executive to join our Team. You’ll play an integral role in an exciting and fast-paced environment where the sky is truly the limit.

You should be a self-aware, self-starting individual. The right person for this job will pride themselves on taking responsibility for their role. You should be an individual who is passionate about your work and strives for continuous improvement. This role carries with it the possibility of providing Responsibility for auditing QC completed files and focusing the file from an overall quality and consistency perspective rather than on a per document perspective. Ensuring the consistency between documents as well batches by implementing intelligent, smart, effective time-consuming methods. You should be a collaborative team member who is passionate about sharing the things you’ve learned as well as learning from others on the team.


  • Able to review and understand project specifications (like Manuals, Special Instructions, Cheat Sheets, Statement of Work etc)
  • Sticking to the processes and the protocols defined where possible and escalating / providing solutions for new scenarios (example: new benchmarks, new process, new software, new technology, another scope projects etc)
  • Scrutinize the files at all angles and shaping the file to a effective final product
  • Update time sheets and productivity reports on his/her own
  • Generates effective & valid error reports and escalates issues to the appropriate teams. Push back the files to rework in case of worst quality
  • Have the ability to create queries / checklists / cheat sheets / decision logs / sample files etc
  • Any other responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time
  • Should be able to prepare and provide reports as directed by the manager
  • Responsible for doing a thorough QA on the allocated batches in a day
  • Basic / intermediate / advanced multi tasking skills
  • Have a good rapport with peers
  • Focuses on on-time deliveries
  • Handling queries of vendors & in-house
  • Must be good at problem finding/fixing skills

Skills and Expertise

General Skills:

  • Ability to communicate well with peers (Good communication skills both written and verbal)
  • Basic / intermediate / advanced analytical and problem solving skills (based on the levels) combined with the ability to analyze the images / documents from a broad perspective
  • Ability to think like a customer (see not their own, but the user’s perspective)
  • Brave in doing the right thing the right way, as opposed to just sticking to the right way, following orders, or following processes at all costs
  • Ability to quickly identify challenges and bubble them up all the way to the top management (if and when necessary) and provides solutions as opposed to problems
  • Flexibility to adjust hours to meet operating needs
  • Holds self to highest levels of professional code of conduct, ethics and values, presenting true information at all times
  • Share his/her experience and guides juniors to increase the production & quality
  • Will always strive to achieve the target expected per day for their roles


  • 1 – 2 Years of experience as a Quality Auditor (BPO Background)
  • Exhibits the desired performance of 3000 documents per day with 99% accuracy
  • Monitor the work done by QA 1 and QA 2, mentors them reach the next level, and is accountable for their deliverables
  • Should have a higher knowledge on the subject which includes the capacity to take decision on repetitive documents on his own which will not require any further review by next level person
  • Works towards ensuring error free outputs and the outputs he delivers should not require any further checks
  • Should be able to reply vendor / in-house queries without the guidance of his next level people
  • Must be able to do all advanced processes required on Quality Auditing
  • Advanced multi tasking skills expected
  • Should be able to create query documents / Decision Log / Project Checklists on his own and send it to next level person for checking
  • Advanced technical skills (Ms Office, Text Editors, Epsilon, Concordance, Law & Conversion tools)
  • Posts client updates / query replies in project management software
  • Implement processes that could improve the quality of the files