Client Support Executive

Job Location: Chennai, Bangalore (India)


247Digitize is currently seeking a Client Support Executive to join our Team. You’ll play an integral role in an exciting and fast-paced environment where the sky is truly the limit.

You should be a self-aware, self-starting individual. The right person for this job will pride themselves on taking responsibility for their role. You should be an individual who is passionate about your work and strives for continuous improvement. This role carries with it the possibility of providing good client relations, communication, support, coordination and facilitating. You should be a collaborative team member who is passionate about sharing the things you’ve learned as well as learning from others on the team.


  • Focuses on on-time deliveries
  • Track the project status by frequently interacting with the Vendor Department
  • Deliver the final products to the clients
  • Should be a forward thinker to cope with the ever changing needs of the customers
  • Responsible for analyzing and fixing the TAT for the projects in hand, informing clients upfront incase of any unforeseen delays in project deliveries
  • Wisely handles client communication when a feedback / update / TAT revision request is place by the client
  • Analyze the trend of client expectations and implement timely state of the art solutions to satisfy clients at all times
  • Interact with the sales team when required
  • Cross verifies the number or projects / batches received are updated properly in the project management software
  • Honoring the requests of the customer at all times and at the same time explain the situation in a easily understandable and pleasing manner if we cannot handle the customers request immediately or if we do not have experience in that particular domain
  • Get the queries, decision logs & samples replied / confirmed by the client
  • Should ensure the uploads, downloads, shipments are happening properly
  • Be able to contact the customer over the phone directly or via the sales team as the situation demands
  • Should be strong in basic, intermediate and advanced litigation coding skills
  • Generates Billing Summary & Calculation sheets by collaborating responsible departments
  • Any other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time

Skills and Expertise

General Skills:

  • Ability to communicate well with peers & customers (Excellent communication skills both written and verbal)
  • Basic / intermediate / advanced analytical and problem solving skills (based on the levels) combined with the ability to analyze the problems from a third eye perspective
  • Ability to think like a customer (see not their own, but the user’s perspective)
  • Brave in doing the right thing the right way, as opposed to just sticking to the right way, following orders, or following processes at all costs
  • Ability to quickly identify challenges and bubble them up all the way to the top management (if and when necessary) and provides solutions as opposed to problems
  • Able to effectively negotiate on timelines, priorities and needs, with the customer
  • Flexibility to adjust hours / shifts to meet operating needs
  • Holds self to highest levels of professional code of conduct, ethics and values, presenting true information at all times
  • Basic / intermediate / Advanced client support skills
  • Understands the clients mindset and Identifying their requirements
  • Share his/her experience and guides juniors to increase their competencies Zeal to learn and acquire skills

Client Support Skills:

  • Basic / intermediate / advanced knowledge (based on the levels) on all / some litigation support services processes, procedures, tools and applications
  • Wide angle focus on whatever task is done
  • Responding to client emails as per our committed SLA (less than 30 minutes)
  • Basic / intermediate / advanced knowledge on using computers
  • Able to review and understand project specifications (like Manuals, Special Instructions, Cheat Sheets, Statement of Work etc)
  • Sticking to the processes and the protocols defined where possible and escalating / providing solutions for new scenarios (example: new benchmarks, new process, new software, new technology, another scope projects etc) then and there
  • Timely approach towards the work that is assigned
  • Should be able to prepare and provide reports as directed by the manager
  • Maintains customer feedback, TAT extension, customer appreciation reports which helps in understanding the needs of the customer and upgrade our skills
  • Basic / intermediate / advanced multi tasking skills


  • 1 – 3 Years of experience as a Client Support Executive and/or
  • Advanced “Customer Support Oriented” skills
  • Monitor the work done by CSE 1 and CSE 2, mentors them reach the next level, and is accountable for their deliverables
  • Maintains daily project delivery reports & generates weekly / monthly reports and sends it to next level person
  • Should take role specific decision without getting the guidance of next level person
  • Generates Billing Summary & Calculation sheets by collaborating responsible departments and submits it to next level person
  • Advanced technical skills (using / creating Excel macro, Epsilon Macros, Using Concordance, Summation, Law)
  • Prepares Daily Status Log reports and fix the TAT with minimal help of next level person
  • Should be able to handle customer queries independently except in case of an agitated customer